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TD Development is committed to developing and acquiring properties that deliver enduring value to its occupants and local communities around the US. Contributing to the development of vibrant, beautiful and environmentally sound properties is essential to our success.
As an owner of Self Storage, Co-work Space, Nature Retreat/Glamping Resorts and other hospitality real estate, TD understands the importance of focusing on all the myriad of details that create a successful property. This focus is also a key component of our culture as it relates to acquisitions and new business developments. Market understanding, competition, demographic and economic trends, and analysis by each of the departments within the organization are all combined into our acquisition strategies.
Our organization will continue to search out those opportunities that provide the greatest return on investments for TD and our partners based upon site selection, location and market dynamics.
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About Us and Our Amazing Spaces


Our unique approach drives innovation and creativity in every development, from start to finish.

Founded in 2015, TD is a boutique commercial real estate development group based out of Greenville, SC, that focuses on brilliant design & sustainability. TD has created a culture that spurs collaboration, technology and creativity. We are passionate about design, diligent about business, and invested in uncovering ideas that drive action at every touch point. We leverage prime market opportunities by creating strategic brand identities that resonate with the values and expectations of target consumers. Our mission is to change consumer behavior in an evolving world.




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REIT quality, Class “A” facilities, dependability beyond reproach, professionalism without question


We’ve created a company synonymous with quality, creativity, professionalism and excellence.
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"Our unique approach drives innovation and creativity in every development."